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Substantial Settlement for 11 year old Brooklyn Ripper Victim

Three and a half years after a knife attack killed a six year old and left our client,  a seven year old girl, brutally wounded, we were able to obtain a substantial settlement from the  New York City Housing Authority, the amount of which is subject to a confidentiality agreement.  We were prepared to present overwhelming evidence that NYCHA failed to provide any security whatsoever for the building in which plaintiff resided and in fact failed to properly maintain the lock on the front door of our client’s building, which enabled the assailant to enter the building without authority and commit the horrible deed.  The matter was settled on the second day of trial before a jury after the compelling testimony of the plaintiff.

Practice Area: Premises Liability

$3 Million

Settlement of $3 million for passenger who suffered traumatic brain injury when the car he was in was involved in a head-on collision.

Practice Area: Roadway Accidents

$64 Million

Represented the sellers in an asset sale of an industrial plastics company with subsidiaries located in the U.S., Canada and Mexico ($64 million).

Practice Area: Corporate PracticeTransactional Practice

$2.3 Million

Recovered $2.3 million from a physician for the family of a young woman who died following plastic surgery from pulmonary embolisms when the physician failed to respond to repeated telephone calls until after the woman had died.

Practice Area: Medical/Dental Malpractice

$25 Million

Represented the majority sellers of a regional jewelry chain (21 stores; more than 40 shareholders) in a merger pursuant to Delaware law of the chain into a subsidiary of a publicly owned department store jewelry concession chain ($25 million).

Practice Area: Corporate PracticeTransactional Practice

$1.925 Million

Recovered $1.925 million from the Triboro Bridge and Tunnel Authority resulting from the death of a five year old boy whose mother was in the zone of danger when he was hit by a tow truck.

Practice Area: Roadway Accidents

$34 Million

Represented the seller (a wholly owned subsidiary of a publicly traded French conglomerate) in the sale of the stock of a chemicals business ($34 million).

Practice Area: Corporate PracticeTransactional Practice

$3 Million

Represented a New York fashion designer in a cross border investment (Japan) whereby the designer sold an interest in his brand/business ($3 million).

Practice Area: Corporate PracticeTransactional Practice


Wrongful death settlement for passenger in one car accident.

Practice Area: Roadway Accidents

$20 Million

Represented a signature chef in the recapitalization of his high end restaurant chain to enable expansion into the luxury hotel market ($20 million).

Practice Area: Corporate PracticeTransactional Practice


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