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10 Myths About Personal Injury Lawsuits Continued

Posted April 15, 2015

Here is the continuation of our prior blog post: Ten Myths Regarding Personal Injury Cases.

As I mentioned in our prior post, I frequently get calls from people who are injured because of negligence, but don’t think they have a case.

It is important that people understand that only an expert can evaluate their case. In this second of a two-part article, I will deconstruct more myths that people often cite -incorrectly – as why they think they don’t have a case. 


Myth #6: I didn’t break any bones.

There are numerous types of injuries which can be more serious than fractures. Often times a torn tendon may result in more pain, suffering and permanency than a broken ankle. Some other examples of injuries like these include tears of the rotator cuff in the shoulder, achilles heel in the foot and menisci in the knee.


Myth #7: I slipped on snow and ice after a snowstorm.

Many people think that they cannot file a lawsuit in slip-and-fall cases after a snowstorm because blizzards are “acts of god.” The truth of the matter is that the law requires snow and ice to be removed after the snow stops falling, and that it be done in a manner that does not make the condition more dangerous. If not, whoever is responsible for maintaining the sidewalk may be held negligent.


Myth #8: I was injured in a one-car accident.

One-car accidents may be caused by external factors such as a road defect, a lack of guardrail and/or defects in the automobile itself. There have also been cases where injuries were caused by poorly designed parking lots. Don’t automatically assume you do not have a case because you were injured in a one-car collision.


Myth #9: I signed a waiver that I wouldn’t sue if I got hurt.

In New York State, such waivers are against public policy, and even though you have signed a waiver, it is not enforceable. For example, if you are at a ski resort and you fall while you are skiing because of the resort’s failure to properly groom the ski trail or close a dangerous trail, the resort may be liable for your injuries even though you signed a waiver.


Myth #10: I didn’t go to the doctor until days after the accident.

Many times people injure themselves and don’t realize at the time of the accident that they are as severely injured as they really are. Although you may not seek medical treatment immediately after your accident, if you do so as soon as possible – and you give the medical personnel a history of what caused your accident – you still may have a good lawsuit.

There are many misconceptions about personal injury lawsuits. Injured people often have a Greek chorus of family and friends giving them advice that may actually be detrimental to their case. Only a qualified personal injury attorney can make the determination as to whether or not your case has merit.


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