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What I Wish I Knew Then: A Conversation with Elise Langsam

Posted February 16, 2023

Late last summer, Elise was honored to be interviewed by Steve Cohen for his New York Law Journal column, “What I Wish I Knew Then.” She took a nostalgic trip down memory lane, thinking about all of the things...

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The Danger of Distracted Passengers

Posted October 27, 2021

As smart phones have become more and more pervasive, so have distracted passengers—not drivers, passengers. While hands-free device laws have attempted to curb distracted driving accidents, no such precautions are taken when it comes to passengers. Yet with app-driven...

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Keeping Kids Safe as They Return to School

Posted September 17, 2021

In New York City, the nation’s largest school system, kids returned to school this week for the first time in 18 months. With concerns focused on COVID, schools have implemented precautions including random testing, vaccine mandates for teachers, and...

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