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Medical Malpractice

New York Senate Repeals Nursing Home and Hospital Immunity Bill

Posted April 6, 2021

Last April, in an effort to support first responders in getting aid out amid the pandemic crisis, Governor Cuomo issued an executive order protecting them from civil and criminal liability claims. It had some unintended consequences, though. “This immunity...

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Ban on Some, But Not All, Malpractice Suits Lifted

Posted November 9, 2020

Relatively early in the pandemic, New York put provisions in place to shield doctors from lawsuits as they struggled to treat the influx of patients infected with the coronavirus. In late March, Governor Cuomo signed a bill that would...

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Temporary Law Changes, Settlements Continue During COVID-19 Crisis

Posted March 27, 2020

We hope this article finds you and your family well during this worldwide health crisis. Even though life as we know it has changed significantly, Langsam Law’s entire legal team continues to march on, working remotely to keep our...

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