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5 Things to Be Aware of In Slippery Situations

Posted March 16, 2018

Snowbanks, slush, and ice left behind by winter storms present hazards both inside and outside buildings. It is the responsibility of the municipality in charge of streets/sidewalks, or the property managers in charge of surrounding sidewalks, entryways, and stairways, to clear and de-ice within a reasonable time and keep interior floors dry and safe.

  1. Be Aware of Your Surroundings While you may not be to blame in a slip-and-fall accident, your best bet is to avoid injury altogether. Be on the lookout for black ice, snowbanks that have formed at crosswalks or the end of driveways, and wet floors in building entries. Carpets that have been laid down for safety can also become bunched, creating a tripping hazard.
  2. Know Your Rights Building owners and municipalities carry a responsibility for taking reasonable precautions against slips and falls, including the placement of adequate warning signage and floor mats. Read more about their liability >>

  3. Take Photos If you see a dangerous situation, take photos and mention it to the property manager. Again, the best bet is to avoid injury to you and others. However, if a slip- or trip-and-fall incident occurs, having photos of the scene will go a long way in supporting your case—or a neighbor’s. Read more about how taking photos could make your case >>

  4. In the Event of Injury, Contact an Attorney Immediately The general statute of limitation for lawsuits related to trip-and-fall, slip-and-fall, and automobile accidents is three years, but there are multiple reasons why waiting that long could cost you your case! Read about them here >> 

  5. Don’t Assume You Have to Deal With This On Your Own Slip- and trip-and-fall cases can cause serious injuries, and cases against negligent parties can result in significant compensation for damages. Langsam Law recently went to court for a trip-and-fall case where our client was awarded $450,000. Read about the case >>

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