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Anger is On the Rise

Posted September 15, 2017

{1 minute 30 to read} Even though we have just returned from our summer vacations and people should feel relaxed and rejuvenated for the year to come, we have been hearing more and more about instances of anger, where people have gone rogue and attacked customers, workers, co-workers, or just passersby. Although most people may think that if they are assaulted it only constitutes a criminal case with resultant criminal penalties, in fact a civil case may also be warranted, such that the victim may be entitled to monetary compensation for his/her injuries.

In situations where an employee loses his or her temper and attacks someone at the workplace–whether it is a co-worker or a customer–the employer may be liable for that employee’s actions, particularly if they did not properly vet the employee prior to hiring them or if there was a record of this employee showing anger in the past. 

The same principle holds true to institutions and organizations–if enrolled students or members of a particular group have a track record of aggression or anger, they could be held negligent if the individual assaults someone on their property. 

Times are tense and there is a lot of anger out there. Stay aware, and if you are attacked, contact an attorney immediately. And remember–it is not your fault!

Case Study 1

Langsam Law is currently representing a man who took his car in to get the tires changed and was attacked by an employee of the tire company when he asked what time his car would be ready. Our client suffered a broken nose and has filed against the tire company as a negligent party. 

Case Study 2

A current client of Langsam Law was attacked by a student while he was at work painting a school. Upon further investigation, Langsam Law found out the school had 34 complaints against this student, yet did nothing to address the situation. Our client is suing the Department of Education for negligence. 

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