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Construction Accident Litigation

Posted January 31, 2016

This subspecialty of law addresses workplace accidents occurring at construction sites. These cases, typically brought pursuant to the New York State Labor Law, allow workers involved in building demolition, fall injuries, construction, and/or renovation to recover for personal injuries sustained as a result of the failure of the owner and/or general contractor to provide a safe place to work. Many of these cases result in a worker’s future inability to work. This may consist of the failure to provide adequate and proper scaffolding, ladders, and protective equipment. These accidents may be brought as third-party actions in addition to an employee filing a workers’ compensation claim. We are currently litigating cases involving workers who have been injured by materials falling from heights, falls from ladders and scaffolds, and trips and falls from construction debris.

Our NYC personal injury lawyers have successfully obtained monetary compensation for a victim’s physical and psychological injuries sustained as a result of construction accidents.

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  • $950,000 for worker who fell from ladder
  • $400,000 for worker who fell from scaffold
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