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Corporate Practice

Posted January 31, 2016

Senior partner Richard Langsam has many years of experience advising businesses of every size. Richard is responsible for providing a full range of commercial, practical legal advice to help his clients operate and flourish. Richard also applies his extensive transactional expertise in assisting clients with an executive approach in the sale or expansion of their businesses via merger, acquisition, startups, or recapitalization. The following is a representative sample of recent transactions he has worked on:

Related Cases:

  • Represented the acquirer of a Martial arts teaching facility in Minnesota ($200,000)
  • Represented the majority investor in the acquisition of a chain of residential housing and recreational facilities for disabled persons located in Illinois ($10,000,000)
  • Represented the seller of a twenty-five percent (25%) limited liability company interest in an on-line currency trading website (forex trading – $26 million)
  • Represented a wholly owned subsidiary of a publicly traded company in the dissolution of a joint venture with an Indian software company, which joint venture had operations in the U.S., Bermuda and India
  • Represented a New York fashion designer in a cross border investment (Japan) whereby the designer sold an interest in his brand/business ($3 million)
  • Represented the sellers in an asset sale of an industrial plastics company with subsidiaries located in the U.S., Canada and Mexico ($64 million)
  • Represented the majority sellers of a regional jewelry chain (21 stores; more than 40 shareholders) in a merger pursuant to Delaware law of the chain into a subsidiary of a publicly owned department store jewelry concession chain ($25 million)
  • Represented the acquirer in an acquisition of the assets of a “sealed vacuum connector” manufacturing business ($25 million)
  • Represented the seller (a wholly owned subsidiary of a publicly traded French conglomerate) in the sale of the stock of a chemicals business ($34 million)
  • Represented a signature chef in the recapitalization of his high end restaurant chain to enable expansion into the luxury hotel market ($20 million)
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