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Municipal Liability

Posted January 31, 2016

This subset of personal injury holds municipal entities, such as the City of New York, the New York City Transit Authority, New York City Housing Authority, the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), and the New York City Department of Education, liable for their negligence, which include a case against the Department of Education for allowing a 14-year-old student to be severely beaten by other students while on school property, resulting in brain injuries; the New York City Transit Authority for defective doors on the subway resulting in crushing leg injuries to an existing passenger; New York City Police Department for police brutality.

Our NYC personal injury lawyers have successfully obtained monetary compensation for a victim’s physical and psychological injuries sustained as a result of New York City’s negligence.

Related Cases:

  • Confidential settlement for 11 year old brutally stabbed by an assailant in a NYCHA elevator resulting from a lack of building security
  • $500,000 settlement against public housing facility for lack of security, enabling someone to access premises resulting in  sexual assault
  • $450,000 settlement against New York City Department of Education for improperly releasing eight year old child to unauthorized person, who sexually assaulted her
  • $435,000 verdict against New York City Transit Authority for failing to properly remove snow and ice from exterior subway stairs
  • $380,000 judgment against State of New York for knee injury to motorist resulting from collision with NYS Thruway snow removal vehicle.
  • $290,000 settlement against the County of Westchester for defective boardwalk
  • $150,000 verdict against MABSTOA/NYCTA for failing to properly pull up to bus stop resulting in passenger’s exit from rear bus door into a pothole


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