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Trying Out Sports Equipment? Insist on Safety.

Posted May 9, 2016 by Elise Langsam

{1:10 minutes to read} Sports stores are responsible for providing a safe environment for you to demo their gear.

It’s spring and we’re all ready to get outside—which makes it high season for sports retailers. When you’re spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on outdoor gear, for example in-line skates or bicycles, it is not uncommon to test-drive the gear before you buy it.

When retailers allow customers to test equipment before purchase, they are responsible for providing safe circumstances for evaluation. That may include a helmet or access to a bike lane for bicycling, or wrist and knee guards for in-line skating. The store still owns the gear, and you are either trying it out on their premises or embarking from their establishment—making them partially liable for any mishap.

You are entitled to a safe shopping experience. This spring, put safety first. Ask your salesperson for the appropriate protective equipment and a low-traffic place to test drive while you are trying out equipment.

Case Study 1

Langsam Law settled a case for a client who was injured while trying out in-line skates at a local sports outfitter. The salesperson directed the client to an area with inconsistent paving and did not supply the customer with wrist guards. He tripped on uneven concrete and injured his arm and wrists.


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