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Bringing Suit Against Your Management Company or Co-op Board of Directors

Posted May 30, 2018

Many people are hesitant to bring law suits against their management company or Co-op Board of Directors because they feel they will experience retaliation. Yet management companies and Co-op Boards of Directors are responsible for keeping common areas in working order. The first step is to make sure you report problems promptly, and report them in writing. There is no telling when a seemingly minor issue may turn into a life-threatening event.

A perfect example is a Langsam Law client who had ongoing trouble with a defective door handle, which she and her husband had both reported to the Co-op Board of Directors previously. As our client went to step onto her balcony—considered part of the common area and therefore the Co-op Board of Directors’ responsibility to maintain—the door handle came off in her hand, causing her to lose her balance, fall into a glass table, and damage a thoracic vertebrae in her spine.  The fact that the couple had reported the problem in writing prior to the incident strengthened their case when they brought a law suit against the Co-op Board of Directors to cover damages for pain and suffering and medical bills for major surgery. Langsam Law settled the case for a substantial award midway through trial.

When you bring a lawsuit against a management company or a Co-op Board of Directors, it is not personal. In this case, our client’s husband was on the Co-op Board of Directors! These companies carry ample insurance for these types of incidents, and while we can only hope that the management company or Co-op Board of Directors addresses hazards before they cause damage, the insurance provides recourse.

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