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Summertime Supervision at Camps and Resorts

Posted July 27, 2016

{1:45 minutes to read} Camps and resorts offer a host of fun activities, but summer fun can turn hazardous when there is inadequate supervision or signage. Look no further than our recent post on the tragic alligator incident at Walt Disney World for evidence that even a Magic Kingdom can harbor grave dangers. Proprietors of camps and resorts are responsible for keeping guests, employees and volunteers safe from bodily injury or property loss that could happen on their premises.

  • Swimming pools, lakes and beaches must be supervised by a lifeguard or carry signage notifying users that they are at their own risk.
  • Playing fields, such as soccer, baseball, football, shuffleboard and roller rinks should be supervised while in use, or have signage posted.
  • When transportation is provided to or from camp, it is the bus driver’s and their employer’s responsibility to ensure that children travel safely.
  • Warnings of extreme weather conditions that may cause strong currents or danger of electrocution should be updated in a timely manner.
  • Buildings, cabins and common areas must be well maintained.
  • Camp and resort staff should be trained in CPR.

If you or someone you know has suffered from an injury at a camp or resort, contact Langsam Law to find out if you have a case. Even if the camp or resort in question is in another state, there is a concept in law called long-arm jurisdiction. If the organization markets or advertises in New York, it may be possible to gain jurisdiction over the entity so the case may be brought in a New York State court.

Case Study

Langsam Law represented a New York woman who was injured at a resort in Pennsylvania. She had rented a rowboat and was assured that someone would be at the dock to assist her when she returned from her excursion. When she got back, nobody was at the dock to help her out of the boat. She suffered a dislocated shoulder when attempting to climb out of the squirrely boat while holding on to the dock. Langsam Law recovered a settlement for lost earnings, medical bills and most importantly, pain and suffering both past and future.

Safety First! When you are exploring camps and resorts to attend, call in advance and ask about their staff-to-guest ratio and what kind of training they go through.

Note: Prior results do not guarantee similar results.

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